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About Trujillo Tow and Transport

Trujillo Tow and Transport

Trujillo Tow & Transport is a family-owned and operated business designed to provide you with professional, friendly, and personalized service. We provide door-to-door pickup and delivery, both locally and nationwide, and our very first priority is to move your vehicle safely and securely. We treat your motorcycle just like we treat our own.

Our trailers are uniquely outfitted to handle the needs of motorcycle and two-wheel vehicle transportation, including a professional lift and wheel chocks to hold your vehicle securely while loading and transporting.

And our services don’t stop with motorcycles – but include ATV/off road vehicles, can-ams, trikes, scooters, mopeds, snowmobiles, jet skis, and golf carts.

Meet the Owner

Ray Trujillo, Trujillo Tow and Transport

Ray Trujillo, Owner/President, has been an avid motorcyclist for over 50 years and a one-time national indoor flat track champion. He raced professionally, both flat track and road racing, as well as motocross.

Ray retired from racing after the 1970 season, turning his focus to his lifelong career devoted to advocacy for men and women in the building and construction trades, but continued riding recreationally.

As a motorcyclist and business owner, he is an enthusiastic supporter of the local motorcycling community and participates in numerous events. He is proud to be a specialized service provider to those who can use his expertise.

Ray is currently a member of three motorcycle clubs: the River City Beemers, the Central Cal BMW Club, and the NORCAL BMW Club.

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